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We have been seeing an unusually high number of cases of the canine parvovirus this fall. Parvo is a highly contagious virus that is spread through dog-to-dog contact as well as contact with contaminated feces, people and/or environments. The virus can also be spread by food and water bowls, bedding, leashes and collars and by the clothing and hands of people who have contact with contaminated animals. To prevent your dog from getting the virus, make sure that your dog is fully vaccinated (puppies have had their complete series of vaccines and adults are up-to-date) and avoid any areas where you do not know if other dogs are fully vaccinated (pet stores, dog parks, etc). Please call our clinic at 605-342-1368 or 605-721-0789 if you have any questions or want to verify that your dogs are current on their vaccinations.

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