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Blood Donor Program

Just as humans, pets can suddenly be in need of a life saving transfusion for a trauma, poisoning or an illness. If such a need arises, both the Animal Clinic of Rapid City and Emergency Veterinary Hospital have blood on hand, but are in continual need of donors to maintain our supply. So, who may become a donor?

Life Saving Donors are dogs that:

· Are between 2 and 6 years of age

· Weigh at least 50 pounds (lean body weight)

· Are healthy with no history of contagious disease

· Have had no prior blood transfusions

· Are current on rabies and distemper combo vaccinations

· (If female) must be spayed or have never been pregnant

· Have good temperament

If you have a dog that wants to become a life saving hero, and meets all of the above requirements, the next step is testing your dog’s blood type (done at no charge.) Dogs have many different dog erythrocyte antigens (DEA) that live on the surface of their red blood cells that can potentially cause transfusion reactions if they are incompatible to the donor. In order to be accepted as a donor, your dog must have a certain type of DEA.

After the blood typing is complete, and your canine qualifies, then an examination, complete blood count (CBC), Comprehensive Chemistry, and a test for Heartworms, Anaplasma, Lymes, and Ehrlichia will be completed at no charge to you. When all of these tests come back normal, your dog is officially ready to become a life saving donor!! Your dog will donate 4 times per year with a expected commitment of 2 years.

Besides knowing that your dog is helping to save a life, and receiving free blood work, your dog will also receive free Frontline and Heartgard while in the program.

If you are interested in having your dog become a hero, call us today!

Contact number: ​605-342-1368